What Makes You Regal?

What makes you Regal

What Makes You Regal?

What makes me Regal? I honestly haven’t known for a while now. I am beginning to see clearer everyday and really get back to my regal self. During these uncertain times of America, trying to sustain good mental health and feel good about yourself can sometimes be a little all over the place. As I write this I have personally had some significant changes within the last couple months which have definitely had an effect on my mental health. I loss my first cousin. He was murdered right here on the streets of Columbus, OH. This has not only traumatized myself but my entire family is devastated and looking for answers on how to move on.

At Regal Beauty we have always been transparent about our lives and how reality is reality. Running a business and working a job as an owner and operator is hard. Especially when life comes at you like a ton of bricks. The motivation is sometimes not there. The direction is sometimes not clear. However, in order to heal I know I have to feel. We have to feel every single emotion our body takes us through and also make sure we are taking care of ourselves at the same time.

I have recognized the feelings and grief I am under are temporary. Although they are temporary I cannot just brush them to the side for now by acting like they don’t exist. This is not a plea for sympathy or charity. This is a transparent view at the life of a business owner. We apologize if we have not shown up for you as we have many times before. Currently, I am trying to show up for myself. One thing this pandemic has taught me is, If I don’t take care of myself I won’t be here to even say I have a business. I am no longer pushing the work your self to death narrative because at the end of the day this mentally is not only horrible for our mental health, but it is hard on our body. Especially for black people, we feel this more than any other race due to the disparities already set against our black bodies through years of systemic racism. We owe this to ourselves.

Right now I am okay with not looking as if I’m perfect everyday. This is unrealistic. I am not perfect. I am me. My hair may look a mess. You may see me out and wonder what is wrong with her. Some days are better than others. The point is I am meeting myself where I am. I am giving myself some grace.

I have decided to start an affirmation campaign that builds on who we are and pulls out what we know our Regal qualities are. Although I am not completely myself I am working towards giving myself the love and affirmations I need to continue my purpose in this life. With this being said, I know I cannot be the only person going through these challenges. People have lost jobs, they have loss family members. They are trying to survive financially and also still deal with the racism of this country. Businesses have closed. Lots of businesses have closed, big and small. I am blessed to say Regal Beauty Hair & Beauty Supply is still here.

For now, to support getting all of us through this unsure life as we know it. I have decided to highlight various ways we as a people are Regal. You, Me, all of us are Regal in some way. We can’t forget it and allow ourselves to let temporary circumstances change us permanently. While checking out this campaign let us know what makes you regal. This doesn’t have to be a physical attribute. We know that beauty isn’t everything. Beauty does not define who we are. Just dressing for the day can turn your day from horrible to feeling good. Doing your hair can make you go from feeling ugly to beautiful. Everything begins in the mind. Let us know what being Regal means to you.

Dasha Tate
Regal Beauty Co-Owner
Naturalista for 10 Years
Loc’d for 4 years and 8 months

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