Ori Bee includes a special blend of nine oils that also benefit the skin and hair such as:
- Olive oil: protectant, moisturizer, increases elasticity 

- Jojoba oil:stimulate growth, skin protector, Vitamin C, strength skin & hair follicle

- Argan oil: conditioner, anti aging, shine, protection, tones, Vitamins A & E 

- Hemp seed oil: rich in moisturizing fatty acids, vitamin A & E, reduce hair loss, and conditioning treatment 


Try our warm, sweet and spicy herbal blend of Cinnamon & Clove Healthy Hair and Body oil. With the combination of clove and cinnamon, these herbs are great for circulation, growth, anti inflammatory and stimulation on your scalp and body. The antioxidants and antiseptic properties in clove helps your skin stay healthy and stimulate hair growth. Cinnamon compliments the clove by providing antifungal properties to help treat dandruff and hair brittle hair.

For a sweet aroma, we added dried cinnamon bark and clove buds in each bottle to create a natural spicy fragrance.


This exotic blend essential oils are great for dry hair, stretch marks, cell regeneration, acne, and scars.  The vitamin C in mandarin essential oil has anti aging, toning, and antiseptic properties that create healthy looking skin, and making your hair shaft strong. Frankincense strengthens both skin and hair with its rejuvenating properties.  It helps promote healthy skin cells and strengthens the root of your hair!

Why should you use our oils you ask?

Well, we added dried orange peel and golden calendula petals in each bottle to create a natural, woodsy, citrus fragrance. Calendula is great for eczema, inflammatory and itchy skin.  When applied to the scalp, it promotes growth, shine and prevents hair loss.


Cool down that irritated skin with Ori Bee's Peppermint Rose Healthy Hair & Body oil!

It contains peppermint & ylang ylang essential oils that are great for smoothing, and adding shine to your skin and hair.  The peppermint essential oil is one of the most efficient oils for treating the scalp, while improving hair growth by nourishing the hair follicle.  It can also helps relieve itchy, sensitive skin making it great for eczema and dermatitis.

Ylang Ylang is a wonderful essential oil with calming, balancing, and antiseptic properties.  Its excellent for healthy hair growth and hydrating your skin.

Why buy Peppermint Rose?

We added dried rose petals and lavender buds in each bottle to create a natural sweet, floral fragrance. Lavender is excellent for growth, acne, disinfects the scalp and reduces dryness. Rose petals is a great addition to help smooth your skin and relieve stress.


Give your skin a healthy glow with Ori Bee's Rosemary Lemongrass Healthy Hair & Body Oil! (Formally Grapefruit Tea)

It contains essential oils that are excellent for toning, reducing dandruff, growth anti- aging for your skin and hair. One of the most efficient oils for acne, reducing cellulite in the skin, and enriched with Vitamin C to give your hair and skin a refreshing glow and shine! This citrus essential oil blend is rich with antioxidants that will give you a boost of energy to your lifeless hair and aging skin!

We added dried rosemary and lemongrass in each bottle to create a fresh sweet citrus and herbal fragrance. Lemongrass is such a wonderful plant. It is known for its detoxifying and deodorizing benefits, but it's also great for hair growth and conditions brittle hair. Rosemary is a great addition for its hair growth, anti dandruff and disinfectant properties. 

Our oil can also be added to your shampoos, conditioners, baths, hot oil treatments, cuticle oil and massage oil to add an extra benefit for glowing skin and healthy hair!

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Ori Bee Hair & Body Oil

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