iKURLY His and Hers Bundle

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Get all three moisturizers from iKurly. The iKURLY Hydration Mist, Beard Moisturizer and 6in1 Moisturizer. All natural ingredients for him and her. Check out the benefits below.


iKURLY Hydration Mist is great to use when styling and to rejuvenate next day hair styles. For best results, pair with iKURLY 6in1 Moisturizer. Use this as a quick and easy ‘spray on moisture’ for braids too! Keep your hair and beard happy, hydrated and revitalized!


  • Hair Hydration
  • Moisture
  • Beard Hydration
  • Braid & Scalp Soothe
  • Healthy Shine
  • Softness


iKURLY Beard Moisturizer is designed with flourishing care for men of all hair types to promote growth, add long lasting moisture, and most importantly to soften throughout the follicle. iKURLY Beard Care will have your beard full and healthy because men love their beards!


iKURLY 6in1 Moisturizer is a uniquely handcrafted mixture infused with essentials oils to bring out amazing results in your hair texture. iKURLY delivers the best deep penetrating moisturizing experience in each application, while adding shine and kurl definition, providing benefits as an edge control and repair.

iKURLY 6in1 Moisturizing Styler Guarantees:

  • Growth
  • Moisture
  • Definition
  • Edge Control/Repair
  • Shine & Softens