Post COVID reality: Beauty and Hair supply shortages to be aware of

Post COVID reality: Beauty and Hair supply shortages to be aware of

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Supply chain and inventory in Beauty and Hair Supply

Post-Covid times are still extremely tough as the world is still yet to restore its normal ways of everyday life. There are people that are still at home, doing work from home, and trying to stay as away from crowds as possible.

The Covid has not only been a problem for our lifestyles, but it has also been a major problem for many businesses. The shift to online saw a lot of flaws in inventory keeping and the supply chain.

This often results in businesses facing shortages and having to put products on hold and at times go weeks without a particular product.

At Regal Beauty, there are times when we face an increase in demand for a single product. However, we make sure that we have all the products in stock at all times.

However, we cannot guarantee this for all products due to many reasons. The biggest problem during the COVID pandemic is that production is at an all-time low. People are sick all over the world, which is why factories are not functioning. There are many new challenges that we must face, all of which make it difficult for all products to be in stock at all times.

From absences to sick leaves and government standard operating procedure rules, it has become impossible to get enough supply to meet the demand.

Even when everything is getting better, we understand that not all can be blamed on the coronavirus. There are a lot of flaws in the supply chain which make it impossible to have a flawless inventory.

How does cost increase affect product unavailability?

There are many different reasons that affect the unavailability of a product. Amongst the reasons like change in regulations or acts of god such as disaster, one of the major reasons is a price change.

Different hair and beauty products use different raw materials. Some of which fluctuate in terms of rate. Somedays, a particular oil might be cheaper, which is why producers do not always buy the raw material on time. This practice disrupts the entire chain of supply.

Before you know it, your customer cannot get an item on time because the retailer did not receive it on time. This ripple effect creates a lot of shortages that you should be aware of.

How can you combat beauty and hair supply shortages?

As a regular user of a particular brand of products, it is important that you continue your routine of treatment.

Yes, a shortage of products can lead to bad effects on your treatment plan, which is why you should always have an extra bottle.

Once you know that you are a regular user of a brand, you should buy at least two and store one in your inventory.

This is one of the easiest ways of making sure that you are already taking care of yourself. Your treatment should not be interrupted, and this will be able to give enough time to the store to restock their inventory.

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