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Post COVID reality: Beauty and Hair supply shortages to be aware of

Word Count: 500 Supply chain and inventory in Beauty and Hair Supply Post-Covid times are still extremely tough as the world is still yet to restore its normal ways of everyday life. There are people that are still at home, doing work from home, and trying to stay as away from crowds as possible. The Covid has not only been

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Black-Owned Brands For Hair & Body We Love

Word Count: 500 Type: Blog Posts Take Care Of Your Hair And Body Taking care of your hair and body are the key steps to attaining the confidence you need to excel in life. There is nothing wrong with attempting to take care of yourself. However, you have the best products available. As you read on, you will find the

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Best Shampoos For Natural Hair And Why

Word Count: 500 Anchorage Text: Type: Blog Posts Natural Is Always The Best With the increase in medicine, there are many new techniques in the healthcare department. From techniques such as protein treatment or even rebonding treatment, you can get instant results. However, what is a lot better is having natural hair exactly as you envisioned. It is not possible

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Impulsive Natural Hair Decisions You May Want To Think Twice About

Word Count: 500 Your hair is by far one of the features that attract a lot of attention.  Visualize the last time you were in a crowd. Think of a busy street, the shopping mall or the grocery store. Think about the people that you saw in this place. Surely you would remember the kind of hairstyles or hair that

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Curl Pattern Myths And What Really Defines Hair Textures

Word Count: 500 Type: Blog Posts There are many different types of hair that allow each and every one of us to have a unique personality. Amongst the many different types of hair types and textures is the hair type known as curly. It is not very easy to handle curly hair, and curly hair is not as widely found

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