1997 2299

  • FAST AND HIGH PERFORMANCE - Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover from Pro Hair Labs is specially formulated for removing adhesive residue and cleaning all types of hair replacement units without damaging the hair. Quickly neutralizes the stickiness of extension tape and wig glue. The easiest and best product on the market for removing adhesiv
  • SAFE AND PROVEN EFFECTIVE - This product is highly refined and proven to remove adhesive residue competently and effectively from all types of hair whatever cosmetic bonding product used. 100% safe for your scalp, hair, and skin. Appropriate to use for both men and women. Trusted and Recommended by Leading Hair Extension Professionals Worldwide.
  • PROTECT FROM HAIR DISCOLORATION - Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover is powerful to blast away every trace of your hair adhesive yet gentle enough and protects from discoloration. Works well as a routine preparation step to keep your hair unit looking its best. It's fantastic!
  • SALON-INSPIRED & APPROVED - With salon-quality ingredients, your scalp health will improve and it temporarily neutralizes the stickiness of extension tape or wig glue allowing it to be easily removed. It contains no aloe or lanolin so no oily or greasy residue would interfere with the future adhesive.
  • RECOMMENDED AND EASY APPLICATION: Simply spray the Ghost Buster Adhesive Remover on the scalp and let it sit for 1-5 minutes to soften adhesives for easier removal and gently rub to lather. Highly recommended by cosmetologists and extension experts. Try it and you will love it!
Ghost Buster Bond Remover for Poly & Lace Systems 8 oz
1997 2299

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