10 Natural Hair Protective Styles To Try

10 Natural Hair Protective Styles To Try

Spring has sprung! That’s right ladies, it is time for us to transition to having that hair out for summer.
We all love having our hair healthy and flowing free in the breeze. What better way to protect our hair than a protective style? So, let’s look at a few!
1. Wigs
Wigs are the hottest style out right now. The best way to get the style you want without tons of work. From Pink to Blue to purple, you can get wigs in every style and color. Check out this wig install from one of YouTube’s finest. Step out of the box and do what you feel.
2. Clip Ins
These Kinky Clip Ins are awesome for sisters who want to add length and protect their hair from serious damage. This style can be accomplished if you leave the hair in by braiding it into a pattern or leaving your hair out. Although the hair is exposed it is still considered a protective style because some of the hair is covered.
3. Faux Locs
This style is for those who want Locs without the commitment. You get the style and look, but temporarily.
4. Head Wraps
Let’s not just do it for a protective style, but let’s do it for the culture! Be creative. Pull it to the front, the back with leave out, however you feel express that. Accompany it with a pair of our regal earrings and you have a look that everyone is going to be checking for.
5. Feed in Braids
This style came and transformed the way we wear cornrows. We have rocked braids forever. It is definitely apart of us as a people. With this new spin on the cornrow we are getting a natural look and length in creative styles. From two braids to six, this style is unique and the look you want to go for to turn heads. EZ Braid hair is the best hair for an anti itch scalp. We have a great selection of braiding hair including EZ Braid with various colors and styles. Check it out here. 
6. Box Braids
Box braids never get old and are the best when you just don’t want to do your hair. Not to mention it aids in hair growth. Whether done by a beauty shop or the girl up the street this will always be the style to get when you want it to last long.
7. Crochet
So remember the old school latch hook that everybody really hated, but wore it because it was cheap and convenient. Well, it’s back and now called crochet. The difference between then and now is you can get any type of hair for this look and be transformed. From curly, to straight, to box braids, to twist. Crochet hair is where its at. Check out our crochet hair here
8. The Pony Tail
The pony tail will never go out of style and is special for those days when you want to be fly but not really trying to do your natural hair. Put your hair in a bun and clip on that draw string. Slay them edges and be ready to go in less than thirty minutes. The elegant look without the beauty salon hassle. Check out our selection of ponytails here
9. Natural Braided or Twisted Up Do
Any style go’s. I remember saying I was going to do my hair. With no style in mind. Basically just freestyle twist and braids with bobby pins until it looks good. The styles always came out great. Whether it was twist or braids I would work it out and come up with the most unique styles. In order to do protective styles like this you have to know your hair and know what products it likes. After experimenting on yourself and determining what’s best for your hair, you can basically do anything you want.
10. Sew-In
A Sew-In is done basically by sewing tracks into a braid pattern on your head. It’s very simple and can last for a couple months. You can also wash your hair if you like with protective style shampoo and conditioner like Hairfinity’s beneath the weave which we offer at Regal Beauty. Not to mention are 3 bundle deal that includes a transparent lace closure, check that out here
Well that’s it! Let us know your thoughts by commenting below. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.
Stay Regal!
Dasha Tate, Co-Owner
Regal Beauty

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